Beauty is HIJAB and HIJAB is beauty...

by - 2:03 AM

Dulu, saya suka nak jadi cantik. Saya mahu menjadi cantik. saya mencuba menjadi cantik. Dan saya sangat bangga bila saya nampak cantik, dan orang lain akan memuji. Oh, come on siapa yang tak sukakan kecantikan. Everybody loves beauty. 

Me too. I loves beautiful. I adore peoples who are beauty enough; hope to be like them. But until one time I found this word, I know the meaning of the word, I understand what definition of the word, until that time, I stop trying to be beauty. The word is HIJAB. When it comes to HIJAB, people will say it is purdah or burqa or tudung. But for me, HIJAB is another thing. I see 'hijab' from another perspective. It's quiet hard to be define by words.

I said 'I stop trying to be beauty', but still, I loves beautiful. I cannot stop this kind of interest in myself, as I am a human being.

I said 'I stop trying to be beauty'. I stop trying to be beauty in front of peoples. But still I want to be beauty for me, only myself *at this moment*

Because hijab is the new word that can describe me. I'm not wearing purdah or burqa. I'm just a girl with common 'tudung'. But still, there is a hijab between me and you!

notakakisize9 : Sorry for rojak language here!!

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