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Test Plan

  • Get there early.

  • Relax. Don't worry about anybody else.

  • When you get the test, read the whole thing top to bottom.

  • Don't make a single mark on the page until you're read everything.

  • Read all the instructions.

  • If you don't know something on the test, don't panic!

  • Figure out which part of the exam is worth the most points.

  • Do that part first.

  • Read each question twice before you answer it.

  • Make sure you understand what that question is asking.

  • If you don't understand the question, don't guess. Ask the teacher.

  • If all the questions are worth the same number of points, do the easy ones first.

  • Check all your answers.

  • Make sure you've put your name on the paper so you get credit for what you know.

After the Test

  • When you get your test back save it. It's a great study tool for the final.

  • Find out the right answers to anything you missed.

  • Now you'll know what you have to study for next time.

  • If the teacher writes you a note on the test, read it. You can learn a lot from their ideas.

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