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Assalamualaikum, hi.. I'm a bloggerina, oh my name is not Rina, but I used to call me [a blog writer] bloggerina rather than blogger, because bloggerina is seemed to be more feminine and girlish. And that is me, feminine, girlish.

I don't know what a major purpose of having a blog. Maybe, some person want to share their story, express their feeling. Also, there is a blogger who just want to be popular, glamour, well-known through cyberspace. And I'm sure that there are a lot of blogger who have a blog because they are the true writer, who loves to write, write with their full of heart, i mean so sincere or they are somebody who has their interest in certain thing. I can't write all the probability of why people have a blog.

But, what about me? I myself, I don't know why I have a blog. Could be all the purpose written above are my purpose of having a blog or could be, I have no idea for become a bloggerina.

It had been a long time since I create this blog **maybe i'm no longer a newbie*. And so many times I change the blog's name. I read my blog by myself, and imagine that I am not the writer of this blog, I am the reader. In my heart, I said that 'this blog is not interesting. No so-cute-pic of the owner, the blogger doesn't have any interesting story. Just a numb blog. Never attract me. maybe this is the last time I come here. Sorry.'

And now I know. I can't attract people because of the biggest mistake - I did not put my latest picture in every entry! I always think, why I did the mistake? I can just put my picture. Nobody will scold me, it doesn't wrong; it is my right. But its hard...

I am a human. I am given a mind to think, a heart to love. From now on, I would write with a full of heart, sincerely. Not just because to get more comment, more reader. Sorry for not updating Bukan Puteri for a long time. I'll try to update it more often.

-just a small thought in my heart to be share, a small initiative in order to enhance my English for MUET  *please ignore my English, need to improved.*

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