Nothing seems to be nice except....

by - 10:07 PM

Recently, my life is just not well. Sometimes I feel like I can't go through it. I feel very bad about myself. But, I am lucky because I got Him in my life. Everything is under His control. I can feel His existence no matter how bad I fall, no matter how much people hurt me.

I am not a very friendly person. But I can be a listener, and I think people know I am a good listener. Yes, they just know, but they don't realize. It's two different things, to know and to realize. But, when it comes for me to make somebody a listener for me, it never be a reality.  Either no one want to hear me or I don't want to tell them, here. Luckily, I am not too alone. I can tell Him anything, any time, any place. Even I'm not telling Him, He knows what deep inside my heart says. I don't need a diary to write my day, I don't need a friend to tell my happiness, I don't need a blog -that's why it's a long time since I'm not write here- to type my words. Everything is just under His knowledge. I am lucky to know Him, to believe Him. I would be luckier if I get the sweetness of loving Hm, His religion just like Rabiatul Adawiyah do.


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