What else?

by - 12:58 AM

Going to school, get good grades, going to university, study like hell when there is test, become zombie during final examination, get good cgpa, get degree, graduation days, going to work, make income every month, save money, get married, get child. And then, what else? Why we must live the same life?
I don’t want to get the same life. I want anything else. But, you know, people will care when they do not need to care. And the biggest problem here is your age. If you, as a woman doesn’t get married before 30, it would become a big problem. I don’t know why we must have such mentality. Yup, human need partners, spouses. But don’t make it trouble.
I’ve planned my life. Just a plan. And things doesn’t always happen like what we have plan. But never mind. I need to plan. After I finish my law school, I mean this BLs programme, I want to pursue my LLB, insyaAllah. Then, I want to continue on Syariah law because syariah sounds interesting and I can relate my job and Islam. Seriously, I want to live my life in ‘islamic genre’. Jyeahh.. then , if I’m still young and energetic after finishing my syariah, I want to continue with psychology. I think psychology is just my cup of tea. I’ve been dreaming to be a psychologist since I’m in form 2. Or else, maybe I can skip syariah, and proceed with psychology. I can picture myself as a psychologist.
I don’t want to live the same life. I want other differences. I want to live as me. And I don’t want to regret after all the opportunities that I leave. People may talk, challenge may come. But I have Allah. Yeah, zulaikha! Look forward, this is ‘Y.O.L.O’, strive for it. May every hardship I have to face is within Allah’s bless.

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