Adakah aku sedang menzalimi diri aku?

by - 1:25 AM

So I came with this statement recently. Whenever I’m doing something fun like facebooking, I’ll ask myself, did I really supposed do this? Aku tak zalim pada diri aku sendiri ke?

I still remember the definition of ‘adil’ that I taught during form 4 in subject Pendidikan Islam. Adil means putting something in the place it should be. Otherwise you’ll be consider as cruel.

This concept also applies to us in our daily life. If you does not put yourself in the place you should be, you are cruel to yourself. That’s why I came with this question whenever I am doing something that waste my time. Sometimes, it works. This question does persuade. Yup, because I don’t like cruelness. Do you like cruelty? Definitely nope right? We are against cruelty. We hate Pharaoh. We hate people who cruel to animals. Ironically, why we are cruel to ourselves?

So come on. Let’s try this approach. When we are about to waste our time, ask ourselves ‘adakah aku sedang menzalimi diri aku’? 

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