OOTD story

by - 12:56 AM

I wondering what ootd means. Celebrity, famous blogger always have their ootd picture. Then, I found out what ootd means (of course I google it. hihi..) I told my friends, and most of them are just like me, just find out what is ootd. haha..

OOTD stand for outfit of the day. Gotcha!! I will have my ootd picture too.

And I want to be 'rare'

Baju kurung kek lapis sarawak from Jalan TAR (i can't recall which lot), handbag konon2 gucci la sangat from Kenanga Wholesale City (beli borong memang murah tp dibeli scr hutang dan belom byr lg. mmg pnjg explanation) , Flat from Flat 3A seram tak?

Hah, rare kan? OOTD version without face or body. Comel tak Kak Ton? huahuahua...

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