Confession of not-so-LAWaholic student

by - 11:41 PM

I just realize that I never formally mention about my course. Seriously, I have no interest to talk about my course, my subject when I am not in my class. Even I hate group discussion. 

I am a law student, which sometimes I don’t like to mention this. I am afraid if I don’t end up being a lawyer. Because every time I admit that I am a law student, people will assume that I’ll be a lawyer soon. But, that is not the only career option that I have after I’m graduating my course. I even cannot be considered as an eligible lawyer and able to practice after I finished this program. Law program at UiTM is somehow a unique program you know. Haha.. We study for 3 year and get the scroll, but we are not a law degree holder. 3 years period is just a period for Bachelor of Legal Study. See, there is no word of law for this 3 years program. After completing this program, we will need to continue another year of LLB if we plan to practice law. Then, here is a real law program. Now I can be considered as a LAW student.

Another problem I have to accept is when people asked me how many years I spend on my study. It is 3+1 years. Then people would say it is 4 years. Then I have no idea how to explain that 4 years and 3+1 years is different. Do you get my point? Okey, you would say it is the same thing. But, really, it’s different.

But the journey of being a lawyer does not end up after 3+1 years programs (it is not 4 years program). I must undergo what they called as ‘chambering’ for about 9 months (kalau dah kawen, mengandung dah dapat baby comel). I hope I really enjoy my 9 months of chambering as a mother enjoying her moment when a baby on her tummy. Okey melampau!
Oh, lamanya. I still have another year of BLS program and I hope I’ll continue another year of LLB just to complete my law school.

I never dreamt of being a lawyer. NEVER! Actually I want to be a doctor. Like seriously. Tapi tak pernah minat biology. Even dapat B- mase SPM. Okey, memang tak layak sebenarnya. But, I don’t think we must score Bio to be a good doctor. Doctor is not about remembering all those words in text book and re-writes it on your exam paper but it is about the skill. And of course your passion.

I have no love and affection to law. I’m sorry law. I fall in love into medic but yeah, it is love triangle. I love medic, but it does not feel the same as me. Law proposed me, so I accept because I don’t want to become a spinster (seriously??), I can see my future is bright too if I accept that proposal. So, I married to law. haha(I hope this does not happen in my real love story( -.-) I believe, cinta boleh disemai. Wahhh~ as I live together with law, I try to love it. 

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