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So these few days I’ve been working from home. Ehem, actually its not the real ‘working’. As you know, I’m not working yet. I am a student. What I mean is that, I’m doing my work, my firm work which is preparing the document. My semester is about to ended. But I still stuck here because we (me and my batch mate) have to do the last task which is a trial. So we cannot go back home yet. But, me just being me. I’m not going back to my hometown, Klate. But I stay at my brother’s home, which is I like to refer as my home too :p. in short, I’m not staying at the college. As everybody has leave college (semester is ended so what’s the purpose being there kan), so there is less restaurant open for me, so I can’t live there okey.

Okey, so here the story about staying at home. As I still have a plenty of work need to be done, so I’ve been working at home. It’s fun and exciting to work at home. At home, I can do my work (without stress and peer pressure) and I can do all the cleaning and laundry work at home. Yelah, buat kerja sekolah 30 minit, then buat kerja mengemas mencuci kat rumah. As we work at home, kita akan tengok rumah kita. Kalau bersepah we tend to clear it all. And then kalau lapar, kita akan masak untuk diri sendiri dan sambil tu masak untuk orang lain yang gi kerja, nanti balik boleh makan. Oh ya, I stay at my brother home, during weekdays he and his wife were working, anak diorang hantar kat taska, so I am alone at home. Tu pasal kerja boleh siap at working hours. Takde sape-sape pon. Tapi bila diorang balik aku dh jadi pemalas balik.

Then I was thinking that it would be best if I can work from home. Nanti dah kawen, ada anak, I still want to work tapi nak buat dari rumah. Haa.. demand sangatkau. Best woii kerja dari rumah ni, kerja still boleh siap. And at the same time, kerja rumah pun boleh buat. Pastu boleh jaga anak pulak tu, anak ada depan mata kita jer. Best nyer bestnyer.. Duk ofis pon kalau duk mengumpat bergosip je dgn colleague tak guna gak. Tak siap juga kerja. Cuma social skill je yang develop. Tp buang masa banyak. Buat hapa kan. I so don’t like la kalau masa disia-siakan macam tu je. Duk rumah atleast boleh spent precious time with le family. See what type of girl I am. Aku ni jenis yang duk rumah tau. Untung ler laki aku nanti. Hahahahaha.. motiip sangat

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