COOKING is not really MY CUP OF TEA

by - 3:19 AM

Oh, kenapa dengan saya? What's going on with me? Tiba-tiba sahaja saya menyedari akan kewujudan perkataan 'cooking', which means memasak in Malay. But then, I mention 'a cup of tea'. Actually, to make a cup of tea, you don't need to cook them.'not my cup of tea' is an idiom which means not my interest, or in the simplest form,it means SAYA TAK SUKA. Got it???
However, I have to cook by myself now as my mom is not home. She's got another commitment to settle down with the newborn baby of my sister. *the baby has get her name, Nur Aina Sofia, i'm not sure about the spelling*

adakah saya seayu ini ketika memasak? im afraid not. "o"

Back to our topic, MY COOKING MOMENT. My performance is not good enough. I though cooking is easy, just like in Hell's Kitchen game; I used to play this game and I got the highest ranking. Unfortunately Hell's Kitchen game only teach me how-to-move-your-mouse-faster, but it does not teach me how-to-cook this-and-that. So, I have to call my mum or my sister everytime I want to cook. Plus, i don't have duk-kat-dapur-skill, as I had leave dapur for about four months. Bukan sebab malas ye, saya pi blajaq kt U, mana ada dapuq, kat Kolej Mawar tercinta. Pi Dataran Cendekia je, order, pay, then eat. 3 simple step to fill my hungry stomach. Then, my stomach become bigger and bigger, I don't know how to practise a wise diet. Poor me...

The best thing about cooking by yourself is you can get your taste. Nak masin, letak garam banyak, nak manis taruk gula lebih. And me, I prefer less salt, I don't like salty taste, contrary to my mum, she loves more salt. Tapi masin-masin pun, sodap! Aku masak tak kurang sedap*like my niece say*. Masak ikan goreng kicap pun failed. Tak sedap macam mak masak. I miss my mother, especially her cooking.

So, girls, actually guys also, so that you can help your sister when your mom is not around! Please belajar memasak ye. Otherwise, you'll regret it. And kalau belajar memasak, belajar dgn mak sendiri. Because she got your taste. Then you can cook as delicious as hers.

Currently, saya sudah ketandusan idea nak masak ape esok. Semua benda yang simple dah masak. I need to google or refer the recipe's book for tomorrow's lunch. Tapi kan, tiba-tiba jer rasa nak buat muffin -oh actually bukan 'rasa nak buat' but 'rasa nak makan', tapi kalau dah rase nak makan, kenalah bake sendiri.

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