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Why I thought my family is a rich family?
1.       My parents always buy my necessities without I’m asking them
2.       My father will buy anything I want.
3.       I live in a very comfortable house. Even it is not a BIG mansion but it so comfortable.
4.       My parents did not work all day and night. They have enough time to spend with their kids.
5.       My school fee is not a big deal. Always pay it on a very first day on school.
6.     My parents make sure I get enough food. Never get starving at home!
7.     My father used credit card, when I was young
8.     My mother used to buy branded handbag *actually its during a big sale
9.     My teacher never call my name for unpaid book
10.   My parents never complain about running out of money
But it just what I know. What a child know.

     She knows that she get the chocolate ice-cream, she knows her father will buy her a new school bag. She knows her mother bought her a new pink dress. She knows that every hari raya she will get new baju kurung. She knows that every night she will eat her mother's cooking. She knows that when her father got paid, they will going to mall and buy whatever she need. She just knows it. 
     But she never knows how much her parents thinking about money for tomorrow. She never knows that her parents also want to go to Mecca for their hajj, but they have to wait. She never knows that how much her parents struggling for her bright future. She never knows her parents want her to get more than what they can give her today. She never knows that tears used to shed their eyes only for her. She never knows it. And if she knows, IF she knows, she would only know it. But she would not understand it.

      For my mother and my father. Lafaz ini adalah lafaz-lafaz yang tersimpan. I realize it, but I didn't express it because I never understand it...

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