Arghhhh...real stresss!!!

by - 7:39 PM

this is not 'arghhh..real monster' citer kartun yang budak-budak suka tu. this is real stress during study week and exam season. You know, the feeling when you think you are studying, but actually you are you  think you better get off from all of this stuff, but you feel so guilty when you leave your books and you feel your book is convincing you but they are not doing it very well, so you are out of control, then you eat and eat and then you log into your social network whateverfacebooktwitterblogspotthenyoustalkallpeople and you watch all video inyoutube then you watch movie because you too stress not because you study toomuch but because you dont want to study. then you realize you did nothing but the first paper is just tomorrow.then  you just all the notes.

bila  semua ni nak  habis?bila sesi  belajarsecaraformal ni nak habis?ada 3sem lg.3 kali lg study week,3kali lagi final.pastu nak smbung LLB lg.ada final lg.hisyh....

lambat lagi ke nak grad?dah tak sabar nak kerja.dah tak sabar nak ada keta sendri.dah tak sabar nak ada rumah sdiri.dah tak sabar nak kawen.what????what???apa yg last tu???apa?apa?apa?

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