Thank God its Thursday

by - 12:46 PM

Esok saya cuti yeayy. The peak of happiness for every week is on Thursday because weekend is coming.

So i change my blog template in a new hope that i will update it more frequent. Nevertheless i am just a busy lady *ohplisla*

It's been a long time since i change my blog template. And i think i am old enough because i don't know how to make the image look smaller. Anyone please help me? (if there is anyone..) All photo in previous posts which is too big really annoys me. *sigh* ok, let me try upload one photo here

oh so random. tapi kan tetiba rasa rindu nak makan the manhattan fish market ermm dapnyee
p.s. ok now i know why the photo appear so big. because it was just preview on my blog 'home'. when i click 'continue reading' the photo appear in a normal size.okay okay okayyy..

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