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To 15 years old ika...

I am 25 years old you. You are not okay now. You're not doing well.
You graduate law school at the age of 24. You got a job at random law firm at the countryside. But you are not okay. Your salary is not that high as you expected. You were disappointed. So you wait for another bright profession. At the age of 25, you still waiting. You still waiting for something unsure.

You were clever. But in the middle of the journey, you lost. You just follow the flow. You never made big twist decision. At the end, you ask yourself "am i right". You want to regret but you cannot fix anything.

You are fatigue. You cannot figure anything that you really love. Sometimes you live without love. Even mom's love. Because she gone when you are 19. You become worst after she gone. People thought you fine because you choose to show them that you are fine. Time passed, as people know that you are doing good (in fact you are not) you dying inside slowly. You become someone fragile and numb and full of sorrow without you even realize.

Just stay strong Ika. You cannot change anything. You cannot follow other road, because other road is not yours. This is what was written to you. Just stay strong and keep praying.

-Zulaikha 16417:1631

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