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Hi you all...

Have you ever like someone that you think you could die? Then you feel like you have to confess so you can get back your normal life. I am now feeling so. I could die, seriously. I cannot breath, I cannot digest what I ate, I cannot feel food on my tastebud, I cannot focus on my work. I just cannot do anything. It was like someone have spell me. I keep thinking. I am overthinking. I keep imagining things that could happen. What he will think about me, what will be his respond, would he freak out (like me, if someone ever confess to me i would have done so), would he tell his friend, would he live a normal life (because i cannot)

Here come the second question; have you ever confess to him/her about your feeling? How many times? Once? Twice? Or you didn't count at all? Or never? Ok, never is my answer. I never confess. I never have the COURAGE! It require a big size of courage. Not as big as when you attend a job interview. This one is the bigger one. The biggest.

I had started a conversation with him, but i freak out immediately after that. I want to know what his respond, but once again I don't have the courage. I'm afraid if the conversation stop there.

Good luck to me

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